June 24, 2011


We have to look everywhere for our eggs! It's a game of Hide n Seek!

Today Matilda, our Silver Polish hen, was laying amidst the daisies. I almost missed her as I walked quickly by.

They all seem to have their preferences, where they are most comfortable. It could be the barn, the duck house, under the front porch, or nestled somewhere among flowers and leaves. 

One hen, a Buff Orpington, is sitting on eggs in the barn behind some hay bales, and has been for over fifteen days. She leaves once a day to eat and drink. Perhaps we'll have some baby chicks in another week.

Now off to find more eggs!
                       happy day!
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Unknown said...

Oh, sorry to hear about your rooster. ;(... Your hens are beautiful and so cute nestled in the flowers!
Thanks for entering farmgirl friday today!

S. Etole said...

what a hairdo that chick has!!!

Bonnie K said...

Sounds like fun. What a pretty hen. Especially if there are some little ones following behind someday. Good luck.

Luisa said...

Oh boy they sure a making you look.

Teresa said...

Isn't it great when every day is like Easter! Matilda is just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.