August 1, 2011


Sitting still on the deck amidst the quiet, watching the wildlife come close, 
 reading and relishing in my thoughts..
this IS what I mean when I talk of 
the lazy hazy days of summer
To just be and enjoy the total awareness.

 The air is warm with overcast skies and I cannot believe I have not spent many days like this so far.This is one of the few moments I have had to BE all summer..truly BE. 

When did my summer get so busy? 
August is already here, and even though there are many events on the calendar, I am determined to make time for more quiet awareness.
I haven’t been blogging much this summer either. I have a lot to say but I needed a break from  writing. When anything becomes a *have to*in my life, then I know I need to take a break; from gardening to blogging and most anything in between.  
That is the secret to harmony and balance. 

I have been posting on Facebook though, you can find me here.
The Garden WILD ( as I call it) is growing, weeds and all! Thank goodness for perennials. . . 

 and the few vegetables I did plant.

There IS still time to fill those empty pots and plant for a fall harvest!
The animals are doing well in the summer heat 
and we’ve had the blessing to watch six chicks hatch and being raised by Mother Hen. 

We went camping for the very first a tent..with a whole group of unschoolers and had a terrific time.

We have spent time with people . . . at my Nest , Teen Connection, and visits with friends.
My son went to Sanibel island, my daughter is going to Washington DC and Virginia, and we have NEUC at the end of the month .
We will also celebrate LOVE as my older son, Chuck, will marry Shannon on September 3rd and the rehearsal dinner will be here at the farm.

Lots of joyfulness filling my life

There IS more of summer ahead (I love September!) but I m determined to find more days like this…to bask in being alive and happy of the life I lead.  

( excuse the different colors and fonts ...blogger is giving me a dreadful time today)

happy day!


Sharon Lovejoy said...

Marcia dear,

First, congratulations on the upcoming wedding. I'll bet that you'll work yourself into the ground before then. Such a gorgeous couple.

Yes, just BE. Good wisdom.

Sending love,


kristin said...

i hope you are enjoying your summer days to their fullest!!

i came here via pinterest and have so loved peeking around your lovely site.

thank you for so much inspiration here.

blessings, xx

Valarie said...

These look like lovely days of summer. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. Just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about you and your family and hope you've come through the hurricane alright. Please let me know if there is anything you need or any thing we can do. be well.