October 14, 2012


Nature Art is something that can be done in all seasons, in all places with all ages. Just use what is in your area. We are in New England and love to make Nature Art with the greening of the earth in spring and the changing of colors in autumn. 

                                                                  artist - age 14 years

                                                                    artist - age 5.5 years

The most fun is exploring in the outdoors and collecting what you need.  I usually ask the children if they have an idea in mind before we go: a scene, a mandala , a creature or person , or a collage. That way they can look for the necessary shapes. Some children like to collect whatever they like and find the inspiration later.

Supplies needed: 
~ clear (or translucent) contact paper
~ scissors
~ marker
~ a circle shape if making a mandala. I use a dinner plate upside down to trace a circle
~ masking tape

If you are making a mandala, trace a circle onto the contact paper to use as a guide. You can also use a circle for a scene too.
Peel contact paper and place on table sticky side up. Use masking tape to anchor the corners.
Create your Nature Art!
Peel the same size (or a bit bigger) contact paper and very gently cover the creation so it is sandwiched in between. I like to start at the middle top and go down the middle pressing out to the edges.
You can leave it as is ( a square or rectangle) or cut the circle out.
Hang in a sunny or light-filled window.

                                                       AUTUMN 2012
                                           GALLERY of NATURE ART 

Ages 5.5 - 7

                                                     A man


                                             A Puppy     

                                            Butterfly collage




 Ages 7-10

     Ages 10-15

                                        Perhaps YOU would like to try Nature Art !      
                                        When you do, please share. I would love to see it!
                                                  happy day, happy creating!  


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Wollensprookjes said...

Dear Marcia,

I really love the fact that you and the children create together. It's a dream of mine that every child would be so lucky! I love your blog with all the spiritual lyrics. Love and Light, Jolette