February 28, 2010


The late Winter months are a good time to go exploring with your child . . when the snow has melted and before the  leaves have burst forth on the trees. The earth might seem barren and with so little color ...until you *focus* in.

Bundle up warm , bring a magnifying glass for observing up close, and a bag or basket to collect your finds.

Be sure to LOOK UP!

The deciduous trees in the north are without leaves and birds and squirrel nests are more visible now.
 Can you see any? How many can you find?

We found three nests, all in thick shrubs making them totally invisible to us in the warmer months.

On closer inspection we saw that this nest was lined with mud.

Birds use whatever they can find to build their nests. This one had a roof shingle and pieces of plastic.

The colors are so MUTED in winter, almost as if the world is devoid of color, . . .that is, until you *focus* in.

The various browns and tans of the leaves of the Pin Oaks and Beech trees still cling on until they are pushed off by new growth. They crunch and crackle and sway in the breeze.

The various mosses add a brightness, and anticipation of the greening of the earth, soon to arrive. They cling to tree trunks and rocks coloring the woodlands with their vibrant greens.

Some look like dark green velvet.

LOOK CLOSELY with the magnifying glass!
See how different all the mosses are?
Touch them, how do they feel?

The onion grass is pushing through the ground and adds a delicate green to the brown landscape.

The newer growth on some blueberry branches are a pretty red color.

Nature discoveries are all around you. . .whether you explore a small backyard, a sidewalk, a park, farm or nature preserve, you WILL discover something from the natural world .
EnJOY the journey .

I would LOVE to hear what you discover !

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