February 20, 2010


The day was so mild and much snow had melted near the duck run so we opened the gate and let them forage around at will.

They are Pekin ducks,  domestic ducks, having wings but they cannot fly.

Some people buy them as cute, fuzzy, yellow little ducklings and think they can release them to a nearby pond when they are full grown. But they are mistaken. Domestic ducks cannot stay safe in the wild. They can't fly to get away from predators.

I love how they tilt their head to see up high.They have to because their eyes are on the sides . It's a funny sight when they look up at a plane, their head is horizontal and their eye facing straight up.

Today we were up on the deck and tossed them treats of frozen corn and peas, that were thawed .

We NEVER NEVER feed BREAD to ducks, wild or domestic.
Many people don't understand that it is very harmful.

They say if you absolutely must feed them, then peas, corn, or cheerios are better then bread. But the best thing is NOT to feed them at all but just to observe and admire them and keep them wild.

Perhaps YOU can pass the word and help keep waterfowl safe...and wild .

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