February 17, 2010

Whose Tracks Are Those?

This is a great time, after a snowfall, to go and see who was here while we slept.
 The white, untouched blanket is just waiting to be explored.

Look closely . What do you see?

Rabbit prints

Bird prints

Horse print

Hen prints

Bulldog prints

Deer prints

and a shoe print

What did YOU find around your yard or street? 

Let me know. I'd love to hear from you. 


Debbie said...

Congratulations on your new Blog Marcia! I love it.. It is so...YOU!
Yesterday, I wondered out to my winter garden... I found... seed pods which have nurished birds, ornamental grasses the color of straw, leaf buds on the hydrangia and the quiet a late winter snow can bring...

marcia said...

We always leave our garden *as is* and do not cut everything down as some gardening sources recommend.

When food is scare and snow blankets the ground, birds and other wildlife can sustain themselves on the dried flower heads of many annual and perennial plants.

I also like how the snow transforms the remaining plants into *art*, so wonderful to look at.

marcia said...

And thank you Debbie :)

Fiskecnn said...

Congrats on your new blog! Deb is right it is sooo you. I have to say I agree, I don't cut most things back for winter (a little laziness here - hehehe). I love how snow looks on just about anything. :o) Look forward to reading more posts!

andrea said...

Hi Marcia, It's Andrea from Berkley.
nice blog. i also leave the garden as is. what would my ducks eat in the winter if i cleaned it up? We have a blog too. I dont know how to send the link though and I dont have much time to work on it so it's outdated. Ours is
i think lol. Hope to see you soon. I never did find the time to get over to take a photo of the shagbark hickory tree in winter. now my camera is broken. God bless
Andrea & Abe

Anonymous said...

Love the blog Marcia! Thanks for the link :) I've added you to the "Blogs I Like" list on my blog