March 24, 2010


It can be intimidating to look at a BLANK page and know where to begin. It doesn't matter if you plan to write or create art, that blank page can just stare you back .

But don't be afraid. Just BEGIN.
You can always tear out the page, or paint over it, or flip to another spot and come back to this one later. It's YOURS to do as you see fit.

It's great to provide children of all ages, from toddlers to teens,
(and even adults!) with their own sketch pad or journal.

To use a journal as an Art Journal, I recommend heavy paper or watercolor paper that will withstand the different media and techniques.

I like the kind that opens left to right like a book so you can do a two page spread. I encourage the children to do both pages, to look at it as one big canvas . That way there is a *flow* to the pages. Each two page spread is one idea or is complimentary to one another.

 And we couldn't survive without waxed paper! 
Place waxed paper (or even parchment paper) behind the pages you are working on so paint won't ruin the other pages. It is also used to put between pages while they are finishing drying so you can get started on something else.


Other supplies to get you started, 
all the while keeping it simple and keeping the costs down :

~Acrylic paints - if you just get the large bottles of primary colors, red, blue, yellow you can mix additional colors on your own.
~Acrylic glaze
~Paintbrushes, thick and thin
~Glue sticks
~White crayon
~Masking tape
~Lids of jars it use for paint
~Mod podge or make your own glue/water mixture.
~Permanent markers -Sharpies can work
~Colored pencils - I like Prismacolor
~Papertowels- for clean up, dabbing paint, and texture on the page
~Papers - all kinds (scrapbook, tissue, etc) and colors, words, pictures,etc from magazines, catalogs, newspapers, mail, greeting cards, tags from clothes, anything!

I also like gel medium, to use as a glue and as a protective coating. I buy Liquitex or Golden brand. It is not necessary but if you end up enjoying art journaling you might want to try it.

Of course, you can get a million and one supplies but be innovative and see what you can use in your own house. You'd be surprised!

Then just start.. CREATE with various art medium and a myriad of techniques.

Begin with Backgrounds and embellish them later. You can decide to keep each two page spread as just background ART itself
you can add layers to it and embellish it further with pictures and words.

It is totally up to YOU what you want to do...
for YOU are the artist and this is YOUR creation.

Here are some ideas:

splatter with watercolor and acrylics

acrylic over acrylic glaze

crayon resist with diluted acrylics

mandala with acrylics, sponging, collage  - in progress

graduations of color- two colors- diluted acrylics

acrylics, glaze, sponging, patterns with found items

sponging background with acrylics, collage with magazines
(note: it's often best to tear big pictures vs cutting them straight with scissors)

tissue paper earth and sky collage with mod podge

printing with found circles and acrylic paints

acrylic paint, glaze, items to make patterns

masking tape pattern and diluted acrylics

acrylics and paper towel collage


Perhaps YOU would like to start an Art Journal. Do it!
 And let me know how you like it!

"Art is the colors and textures of your imagination."
                                  ~Meghan, Los Cerros Middle School, 1999


Unknown said...

Ahhhh yes, the BLANK PAGE!
What a wonderful display of exciting and colorful pages you all created! I love your advice... Never fear the blank page...Just Begin...There is no right or wrong in creating (although some may disagree) I believe the more one creates the easier it becomes and I think the fun of being surprised by what you CAN CREATE is half the fun!
Deb~ love it!

Appleshoe said...

Blank pages have always represented new beginnings for me. Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog. How fun it would be to have a book full of these paintings. Take care.