March 8, 2010


I mean help the birds feather THEIR nest.

Birds will use whatever they can find to build their nests and children (and adults!) can help supply some of those *finds* for them.

It's best to use natural materials and muted earth colors

 Go gathering in nature and look for leaves, twigs and dried grasses. Add bits of string, fabric, yarn, and hair. You can also add any fiber, fur, or feathers from animals .

Here's what we use:

We use a mesh onion bag and a wire suet feeder . . .

                     and STUFF them full . . .

and hang them outside near our birdfeeders so the birds will see them.

And if it gets empty you can fill it over and over  again.

It's fun to watch and see what gets used. There were only a handful of times that we actually saw a bird taking something, but each day there were less and less materials. The only things left were pieces of the horses mane and I think because we didn't cut it into shorter strips.

Let me know how it goes for YOU and what the birds left behind, if anything.

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Deb said...

I love this nature activity Marcia! You have me thinking about what we can find around our house to HELP the birds! Love it!