March 20, 2010


Spring is a time for new beginnings for US as well as the earth , and for me it means to try something NEW, perhaps step out of my comfort zone and take a risk.

"EXPAND OUR WORLD" has been my mantra for awhile now and is often discussed with my own unschooled children.
You don't have to love a topic to know and learn about it. It's all about taking in knowledge here and there to find out what you do LOVE. The term, glorious generalist, comes to mind.

I love to READ, and can never have enough books, but sometimes reading takes a back burner as I partake in the filled to the brim life I lead.

 I have to *make time* for things that are important to me, for new adventures to expand my world. When I make time to do what I want to do, I feel more in Harmony. And when I am in harmony, my children are in harmony.

So . . . I am taking part in TWO Book Challenges.

Carl from Stainless Steel Droppings has announced his 4th annual

Once Upon a Time  Challenge   March 21 - June 20

Carl says " What reader hasn’t recognized that “curious thrill” at one time or another? It is the opiate that we so often chase whenever we pick up the next book, that readiness to experience something, to connect on a level deeper than mere ink on the page. That chance for something “remote and strange and beautiful” is what repeatedly draws me back to fantasy, folklore, fairy tale, and mythology. Tales of this ken are built upon foundations of storytelling that date back to our most ancient ancestors. There is just “something” about this kind of story."

There are a  few options and I have chosen
Quest the Third
Read 4 books, one from each genre
~Fairy Tale
and a June reading or theatrical viewing of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream

These genres are not ones I would normally choose. Therefore I AM expanding my world.

The second challenge is from Trish of Trish's Reading Nook

4th annual Non-Fiction Five Challenge
 May 1 - Sept 30, 2010

~ Read 5 non-fiction books during the months of May - September, 2010
~ Read at least one non-fiction book that is different from your other choices

Check out both challenges
maybe YOU can expand your world too!
"From every book invisible threads reach out to other books; and as the mind comes to use and control those threads the whole panorama of the world's life, past and present, becomes constantly more varied and interesting, while at the same time the mind's own powers of reflection and judgment are exercised and strengthened."
                      ~Helen E. Haines


Sharon Lovejoy said...


Thanks for your post and I LOVE the little entry into the tree on "Knock Knock." Could be an entry for faeries!

All joys,

Sharon Lovejoy

marcia said...

I know ! Isn't it awesome? When we walk our land, whether it's with my daughter or with the little Nestlings, we always imagine faeries living here and there in all the noomks and crannies of the woodlands.
The same happens when we see mushrooms and the like. We envision what takes place there when we are not around.
We also love building our own faerie homes!