May 3, 2011


There is a special connection between children and chickens; toddlers to teens. They love to catch them, hold them and toss them special treats. 

A sweet grandbaby has seen me open the bird feeder, time and time again, to get some sunflower seeds for the hens. This time she did it all by herself.  I happened to glance out the window.
She clearly knew what she was doing.
She remembered to pinch the back of the feeder so it would open and dug her fingers deep into the Black oil sunflower seeds.
See the hens waiting patiently? 

They knew what she was after and they were happy.
She loves to feed the chickens, but loves catching and holding them more. And she is getting quite good at it.

Perhaps you can find a chicken to love!

happy day!


Cheryl said...

My children love picking up the hens. I find them sitting on our swinging bench, with a hen on each of their laps, chatting. The hens are almost asleep and the children are stiller than they have been the rest of the day.

oldgreymare said...

Have you hugged your chicken today? lol
so cute!


Bonnie K said...

Great photos. My nieces love their chickens. They can't wait to see if there is an egg. I think being on a farm and learning to care for animals is very important.