May 4, 2011


It isn't about being an artist.
It is about connecting with the natural world.

 It is drawing what you see.

 It is using all your senses to create.

 It is finding peace, appreciation . . . 
and amazement . . . in the simple.

It is a record of your journey.

 How do you do it?
It's simple and easy.
Gather a sketchbook, a pencil or gel pen, colored pencils, and a magnifying glass.
You might want watercolors, a brush and water too.
Then go outdoors, find something that catches your eye, and start. Don't be afraid of the blank page. 

                            Just draw what you see.

happy day!

Linked to Barn Hop #12 at Homestead Revival


Bonnie K said...

Beautiful. I'm glad you are encouraging your kids to be creative.

flowerweaver said...

A good reminder to us all! Thanks. I'm visiting from Farm Friend Friday.