May 25, 2011


Sometimes I need to slow down . . . and breathe. 

I need to read more, watch television more, and talk with my kids more. I need to take more naps, stay home more, and always getting a good nights sleep.

It might mean blogging less and cleaning less and cooking lessBut it's all to get me to a good place, to feel myself again, to live in the moment . . . with joy.

Whenever something feels less joyful, I need to change it up or take a break for awhile . . . and always breathe. And I need to remember, there are no I have to, only I choose to.

So I have been breathing . . . and choosing. . . 
and relishing in the small joys . . . 

 like the stream of cotton stretched across the skies,

 the delectable fragrance drifting atop heart shaped leaves,

  the green life unfurling before my very eyes,

  the confidence radiating from high in the tree,

 the glorious birdsong of the cardinal,

 the saturated hue of Jewelweed,

and the ripples in the pond from tossed stones.

I relish in the new life emerging on the pines ,

and life, that is itself Art, in the American Copper Butterfly, just about an inch wide,

 the strength and grace of the Great Blue Heron in flight,

and the woodlands filled with life in every nook and cranny.

It all fills my heart . . . and soul. . .

 with excitement, as well as peace, and gives me what I need to go forth.

And I look to the experts on how to breathe and take it easy. . 

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order ~John Burroughs

                    happy day! happy breathing!

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Blog Starter said...

Awww great post....thank you for sharing that.

Unknown said...

Just Beautiful Marcia... Your photos are lovely! Yep, sometimes just " being " is the best thing to do... ever!

michelle and murph said...

I have been thinking about this for a while now. I have recently reached this place of peace with myself. It has taken my injury, being home and many months of it...but I am finally there. Welcome.

Debi said...

Beautiful post - thank you for sharing it with us. I especially connected with your reminder that "whenever something feels less joyful, I need to change it up or take a break for awhile." Me, too.