August 17, 2010


Friendly, joyous, kind, generous, real, and respectful are some of the words that come to mind when we gather with like-minded families. I can't help but SMILE when I think of our days together. Most recently we attended a gathering at a lake in central MA. 

There was swinging. . .  for all ages

and swimming 

                                  and sand play

and discovering

and some love.

There was jumping

and hooping
(Directions to make your own hoop here)

                                    and boffer-ing
           (Directions to make your own boffer here and here.)

                                  and blowing bubbles

                                   and eating.

      There was decorating of t-shirts.

                                 and listening to music

                                    and watching the fire.

There is a different *vibe* at unschooling gatherings. Paramount is how welcome people feel, how all age children are happy and get along with one another, how parents respect children and children respect parents, and everyone is accepted,young and old, for who they are at the moment. Peaceful and joyful and fun . It doesn't get much better than this  :)

                                       happy day!


softearthart said...

What a fun gathering, cheers Marie

nocton4 said...

what fun, happy days xx

Valarie said...

This looks like the most fun of gatherings. I'm so glad you could celebrate summer with so many fun friends. Thanks for sharing it all with us. Be well.