August 10, 2010


We love to make Quesadillas. They can be a snack or a meal depending what we add to it.
The kids just like cheese. I like to add veggies as well.. Sometimes I just add what we have in the house. It always tastes good no matter what I use.

It's so easy, and even a young child would enjoy making them, with close supervision using the heat, of course.

~Add a tad of olive oil to the pan on medium heat until oil is hot. 
~Lay down the first tortilla. We like to use whole wheat tortillas with oat bran and flax seed or other healthy kinds.

~Add the cheese, either shredded or sliced thin. Vary the cheeses for a different taste.
~Add chopped, sliced or shredded raw veggies. In this case, it was cheese, carrots and onions

~Lay the other tortilla on top

~Cook on one side a few minutes until lightly browned . 
~Turn over to the other side, flipping very gently.

~ Slide onto plate, let cool a second, cut up and enJOY!
Quesadillas are a great food for children to make,with an adult by their side.  They can chop the different veggies, shred or slice the cheese, flip the tortilla and cut it up and serve.  
And how very proud they would be :)

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