August 8, 2010


There's nothing like time at the ocean to relax our minds and bodies, lift our spirits and delight us with the treasures we find.  Our time at the beach always has to include exploring.

Have you ever noticed all the plant life that has washed up at the ocean's edge and how very pretty they are?  Look at the different sizes and colors and textures! Magnificent!

We call this last one Seaside Medley because there is a little bit of everything in it. We were able to capture a photo just before it was washed away. 

We also love to search for smooth flat rocks. . . 
to create with once we are home. 

They are awaiting further embellishment and a coat of acrylic varnish.

Then there's the rocks we find that make us smile and of course we want to give it some more personality.

And rocks we keep just because they are cool.

And we wonder who would put their feet up and sit a spell on this rock.

There's always that delightful little piece of sea glass that sparkles in the sand and gets added to our nature cabinet. . .

and beautiful pieces of shells that we will give new life and wear as jewelry.

And we never can come home without heart rocks to add to our collection. Some are just a hint of a heart, but we still see it and feel it, especially if it is found and given from the heart of a child.

Time by the ocean is rejuvenating
We love best to go in the late afternoon when the sun's rays have retreated some, the crowds have thinned and the air a bit cooler. There's something magical at that time of day.

“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

~Jacques Cousteau

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

I am so in the ocean's spell, and enjoyed every single bit of this post. The photos are incredible, the vegetation lovely, love the rocks (I find heart rocks too!), and especially the big rock with the smiling face, adorable.......and then the sunset photos....sigh.....almost like being there! I so enjoyed this!