September 24, 2010


Young children like small amounts of food at a time. And offering small amounts, in a pleasing setting, is also a good way to introduce new foods.

 I came across a blog, Muffin Tin Mom, who uses muffin tins for the children. What a terrific and fun idea and low cost !  She also also hosts Muffin Tin Monday on her blog.

It reminds me of the Bento box . . .  and the Planet Box that Beth recommended, both of which are great for kids on the go.

I like having a sampling of foods to snack on. My tween and teen love it too. 

Many times they are engrossed in projects and are too busy to eat. But if I put a sampling of foods on a plate in front of them, a monkey platter, it's gone in no time. It's a great way to eat nutritiously.

                   happy day 


Phyllis said...

What an excellent idea!

Luisa said...

I like that. I'll to try it sometime. It sounds eye appealling. It's neat to try small amounts of things not just for kids but adults too.

Anonymous said...

CAN YOU BE MY MOM!!! Love your blog! I just discovered it and have checked every day for more inspiration! I added you to my new blogroll! I hope that is ok!

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant idea - it also stops little ones from taking more than they can manage; they can always come back for a refill.

softearthart said...

Oh such a good idea, cheers Marie

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Thanks for sharing! I did visit her blog once but forgot all about the idea. This time I am gonna her in my favorites so I can visit. I definitely want to try this with my kids very soon. I think it will shock them. :) Best wishes, Tammy

Valarie said...

That is such a cute idea. It looks so inviting. Thanks for sharing.