September 8, 2010


Riding the school bus and attending school were firsts for him today, in all of his fourteen years.

I watched a happy, confident, always unschooled young man leap onto the bus with a smile and a wave of his hand my way. 

Last year I would have cried, actually, last year I did cry when he told me he was thinking about going to school. But I have grown this past year and have realized it's not about me, it's about him and what he wants in his life, and I am here to support him in each and every endeavor.

I felt happy and excited as I watched the bus drive away because I know HE is happy about embarking on this new adventure. 

Freedom, choice and trust empower our children to choose what is right for them and to take risks without worrying about making mistakes. They learn from each and every experience and get to know and trust their own selves even deeper.

School will be a journey, as is all of life. He knows he can leave at any time if he feels it is not the right place for him.

 I would like to blog his journey with school here, that is, if he doesn't mind. I will have to ask him  :)

  It is a  happy day!


softearthart said...

May his journey be graced with love and joy for all his subjects and fellow teachers and students. cheers Marie

Heather said...

I truly wish you and he a journey that is happy and fulfilling.

Unknown said...

I wish you both all good things along this new path! All learning is good learning, not matter how you get there!


Romeo said...

That's a tough day! But what a gift you've given him in allowing him the freedom to choose his life and live it as he fills into his little wings! Wishes for both of you - happiness overflowing!


Romeo and "her"

Valarie said...

Welcome back. I've missed you. It's great to see how you support your boy. It's wonderful that he felt so confident to make that decision. I can hardly wait to hear of his adventures. Be well and here's to a fulfilling journey.