September 16, 2010


Have you ever been in a situation when there's only a few bites left of ice cream in the freezer, or only a handful of crackers are left in the box, or just two cookies remain on the plate? 

You really want it but you feel guilty to eat the last one. 

But let's face it! Somebody has to be the last.

We joke at our house now when someone is annoyed that the ice cream is all gone and the cracker box is empty and the plate is bare without an offer to share...and we laugh and say "Well...somebody has to be the last one!" and we are OK with it.  

We know we can always get more and we feel noone should be made to feel guilty about eating the last. We know kids who were grounded for eating the last of the crackers. What does that teach a child anyway? 

There's nothing wrong with eating it yourself, being the last one, and not sharing.You are worth that ice cream or those crackers or cookies! Perhaps you, or your child, really really want it and you don't want to share.  Sharing should come from the heart anyway, not because of guilt or fear of punishment.

Next time someone, especially a child, wants to eat the last, smile and say "Go for it! Somebody has to be last!" and that child will feel better about himself and the world around him.

                                     happy day!


Barb said...

What a nice post! I'm laughing because my 3 boys have no problem being the last one. I find empty boxes of crackers in the cupboard, emtpy boxes of ice cream in the fridge and empty gallon jugs of milk in the fridge - lol.

brownsugarhoney said...

i love this! never really thought about it, but it's true ;)
love reading your blogpost! genuine & sweet ~ dtr

Cheryl said...

So true. Someone has to be last, otherwise its wasted and that would be a shame.