September 13, 2010


Just how curious are cats anyway?
Come on, I can show you.

It wasn't long before Juliet noticed the freshly picked flowers on the table. . . 

and had to investigate.

                 It is said  Curiosity killed the cat . . . hmmm


Olives and Pickles said...

lol..funny cat!! They are such a unique cute..

Beth said...

I wonder what on earth that silly cat thought it would find in the bottom of the vase!? Beth

marcia said...

I don't know Beth! She went at it again this morning and practically fell in. She got soaked and it surprised her. she shook herself off and went right back at it. Needless to say, the flowers are all bent with no petals left hahaha They are hysterical but certainly making a big mess in this house!!! LOL

Valarie said...

Oh how funny your curious cat is. Very sweet looking too.

Unknown said...

How funny! We have a barn cat that has to tip over any bucket she comes across and check inside it. You can always tell where she has been.