November 14, 2010


There are no limits to what you can do with fabric, paints and shapes. Printing on fabric is a great art project for all ages, even the youngest child.
First, decide what shape you want to use and look around your house to see what you can find. It's always good to use what you have.

We decided on CIRCLES for our shape and came up with these objects.
Use cotton fabric. We used a heavy cotton, part of an old drop cloth. I think a heavy cotton works best but it depends what you will do with it.

Choose a paint color palette of about five colors. It adds variety and drama.

Dilute your paints to a more liquid consistency, or use inks. We used acrylic paint and added some water and stirred.

Then very simply dip your shape into the paint and press it onto the fabric. Newspapers, or paper towels, should be kept nearby to practice on before you press onto the fabric or to get excess paint off your shape.

And remember, there's no right way or wrong way, it's ART and ART has no rules.

We have three, grouped together, hanging on our wall near our windowseat. But they can also be made into pillows, or even a doll quilt or anything you can imagine.
You can have an idea what you want to use it for before you begin your printing. OR you can just have fun creating with no idea in mind . . .  as in process vs product :)

Other ideas for uses. . . 
 banners, curtains, duvet covers, table runners, slipcovers, shower curtains.

  Various greens, using a few triangular shapes as trees ( for a winter theme) and topping off some *trees* with a dot of red ( for a holiday theme), would make a great  table runner . . . or a pillow. 

Circle art . . . printing circles. . . can also be used on paper in pages of an art journal here.

Whatever comes to mind, you can make it happen, or at the very least, have fun trying :)

Just delve in and BEGIN, and most of all, 
enJOY the journey!

happy day!

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Ooooh Marcia that looks truly delicious ... LOVE it!
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