November 28, 2010


We all want to be remembered in a good light, with warmth and kindness, don't we?  But let's face it, not every day are we filled to the brim with positive energy.  

There are highs and lows and good and bad. But what matters most is what we make of them. We can strive to make life more positive and happy for ourselves . . . and everyone else, even though it IS hard to be every thing to every one!

We can make changes. A new minute follows every minute, a new hour every hour, and a new day every day. There is always time to try again. . . anew.

But how unfortunate some people focus on the not so perfect times and that will be the memory they choose to remember. Is it human nature? I don't know. 

Try as we might, we cannot always be cheerful, talkative and upbeat. I can attest that I have my moods. I am far from perfect. I have also realized that I am a very private person and really need my times of solitude. 

It is important to recognize what you need and how you need to live your life. You are living it for you and you need to tend to yourself before you can care for others in the best way possible.

Perhaps a particular day I just didn't feel well and the last thing I wanted was to host company and be social, so I was more on the quiet side. Does that mean I don't care or I dislike them? 
Of course not.

 I might have even heaved a big sigh and rolled my eyes when I saw the total disarray in the other room, 
or maybe I finally admitted that I do not want people jumping on my couch,
or I didn't wave because I didn't even recognize them with the glare of the sun in my eyes. 
Does this mean I am not respectful? 
Of course not. 

People need to cut others some slack and strive to see the good in people. Everyone has something to give. I like to give people second, third or even fourth chances, you never know what that can mean to a person in need. 

Noone really knows what goes on in another one's life. Suppose your heart ached from a loss of deep trust, or suppose you got some bad news and were trying to make sense of it all, or suppose you were dealing with a health problem you have not yet shared. 

All of our experiences affect our mood and how we act in the world. One cannot always act *positive* if inside they are holding onto their world by a thread.

There are those who will never see the good and we know that. But we don't need to follow nor take it to heart. They will reinforce how we don't want to live. 

We can make those changes we need in our own lives, to be more positive and to love ourselves all the more.  We can ask ourselves, over and over, what small step can I take to make our lives more joy-filled
We need to live for ourselves and not worry about what others think and the memory they may choose to keep. I will always remember words from a friend:

"It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of you when you're comfortable with your self"    
~ Rue Kream

On the brink of the upcoming holidays, no matter what you celebrate or what you believe in, we are all people who make up this glorious earth
Take the time to look deeper, make the extra effort to get to know someone, practice those random acts of kindness. Choose a positive memory to treasure. Not only will it help someone else, you will feel the benefits over and over again, deep in your heart.

"Beneath the glitter and the lights, 
rests the heart of Christmas,
pure, simple, loving."

happy day, happy heart, happy memories!

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Valarie said...

Thank you, Thank you Marcia for these heartfelt words. They ring so true for me and I've been working on many of the items you've mentioned. May you have a very blessed season living just in the moment you're in.
I thought of you yesterday when I was watching this movie called "Harmony". It's online and the link is in my r.h. sidebar under loveables. Be well and warm.