November 5, 2010


I came across another *creative spark* this morning on the desk in the great room. Finding these sparks is like uncovering bits of buried treasure, and I never know what I will find next.

It is a flower, still in process.

She cut out a shape from a  pizza box. . . 
chose her color palette and gathered her supplies of tissue paper, modpodge and paintbrush and got to task.
She thinks she will do the leaves and stem in the same colors.

What will she do with it when it's finished? 
She's not sure, as she often creates without a particular goal in mind but finds a use at a later date, or just enjoys it as is. It's all about the creative process anyway.

Perhaps it could hang on her wall , or as part of a whole collection of flowers, or can adorn the edges of a bulletin board or frame, or on the cover of one of her journals. There are so many possibilities.

One can use any shape and any color to make your own personal art !

Why don't YOU, and your child, go and give it a try!

happy day!


oldgreymare said...

I loved tissue paper art, I used to cover bottles as a kid.
I also tore small odd shaped pieces of masking tape, covered an object and then went over it with brown shoe polish and buffed and it looks like leather.. good memories

Color theory, spatial problem solving, detail work..fabulous!



marcia said...

Oh Suzan, I love that leather look.
I did a two page spread in a journal with masking tape in a spiral type pattern and colorwashed with diluted acrylics! We have also done atc's like that. I should blog that! LOL

happy day!

Unknown said...

I LOVE her flower! Embracing the creative process is a wonderful way to live.. Its pure Happy Chaos!