November 15, 2010


A quote for today . . . 

Breathe in the crisp air of Autumn, 
 appreciate the remains of summer past,
for Autumn is a time to cozy up,
 to reflect inward,
 and rejoice in resting,
 as does the Earth.

Background: elastics put on a brayer, rolled into acrylic paint and rolled onto watercolor paper  Leaves are actual Oak leaves, traced and colored with watercolor pencils and outlined in fine tip gel pen.

                    happy day!


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Beautiful! And I love all the nature inspired crafts you are doing with the kids. The circle art was fun too. I might could talk my 12 year old into doing some but my 15 year old thinks he is way too cool now. :/ Best wishes, Tammy

marcia said...

Tammy, I have a 14 year old son, who while he may appreciate what my girl and I do and have done (she's 12), he is totally not interested in doing it himself.

Now, if it had something to do with computers or music or logic puzzles(even origami!) he might join in, OR if we were *stumped* on a project he would look at it as a challenge to solve.

They are all so unique huh?

Another thing I do is to just go ahead with projects myself and most times I have others joining in..of their own free will.

happy day!

Janet said...

Autumn is my favorite time of year and you've captured it in your art. Using the elastics on the brayer is a great idea....I'm going to try that.

Valarie said...

Greetings. I just love these autumn quotes and the artwork is fantastic. I think we are going to have to give this a try. I just love the coziness of autumn. Enjoy the season.

Claudia said...

Beautiful art work and a beautiful quote.