November 13, 2010


We love to decorate with nature , always bringing the outside in. We usually use items as is, for their own natural beauty, but sometimes we *funk* them up a bit like this funky branch in a vase.

We found a fallen limb in the woodlands. It had a multitude of small branches and we knew it would be just perfect for our paint project.
We chose six different colors of acrylic paint and went to task. It was fun! Right now we are enjoying it bare but it will be used for some other things too . . . you wait and see!

There are other ways we decorate with twigs and branches. . . 

like our swan atop a bookcase, made with twigs, thin branches and wire.
as an initial hanging on the wall above the doorway. M for marcia  :)

or as seasonal nature art in our many nature weavings, small and large.
Directions to make them are here.

( yes, the kittens have enjoyed this one)

or just as itself, appreciated as a stick on his own, as in this Walking Stick branch given to us by a dear friend. It sits atop childrens books yet within easy reach for hands to handle... with care.

or as something useful, a tall thick pine branch leaned in the corner of the mudroom, used as a coat rack with many *hooks* to hang things like hats , bike helmets, jump ropes and damp jackets .
(which reminds me I need to get rid of that lemony yellow wallcolor!)

If you like to decorate with nature, and love twigs, sticks, and branches, just bring in what you love and then think about how you can use it in your home.

I'm linking this post to Funky Junk Interiors  *Sticks, Twigs or Branches* theme.

happy day!


Sharon Lovejoy said...

Marcia dear,

I LOVE all of these projects, but especially the funkalicious twig painted in rainbow colors. Wonderful. I love how your eyes and heart are open to all the possibilities in nature.

All joys!

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Zuzana said...

Absolutely great natural art, i am so inspired that on my next walk I am picking up sticks and anything that can decorate my home.;) I already use dry leaves and pine cones in my arrangements, but never thought about coloring sticks.;)

Kit said...

I love all these, especially the one the kittens love. So lovely! Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to come back here often and visit. Kit

Anonymous said...

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