November 16, 2010


Kids love to work with wood and after talking about safety, they made their own personal geoboards today. They use our geoboard wall all the time and I knew they would love a small one of their own, especially one they made all by themselves.
The wood was cut ahead of time, about a 6 X 6  square that was 1.25 inches thick.

 The children sanded the edges and marked the locations for the screws with a pencil.

We decided to use screws, instead of nails, so they could have practice using the power drill.  
There's so much to learn . . .  keeping it straight, applying downward pressure, pressing the trigger slowly, fitting the bit into the screw just right, reversing if it goes crooked, holding the wood, etc.

The screws were 1 1/2 inches long and were just the right length.

The children screwed them in very carefully using the power drill. 

Then it was time to add the rubber bands . . . and PLAY !

Children are such capable beings!
You may notice some screws not perfectly straight or not in a straight line, or some may be crowded in the middle of the wood. . .but all that does not matter.  

The children do not see all that. 
They see something useful and fun that they made all by themselves, the way they wanted to make it.  Here's to the children!

This would make a great gift for a child with the supplies gathered together as a KIT , for them  to make and play with once finished.  If I was making it for a gift, or if only a couple of children were making them, I would make the wood larger . . . 8 -12 inches square :)

A fun suggestion for Handmade Holiday . . . and Hands On Homeschool Blog carnival
                              happy day!


eidolons said...

I should do this for my oldest son. I think he'd love it. Thanks for the idea!

Luisa said...

That is awesome! It so coincidental that my son was down in our studio and did something similar he took a piece of wood and plotted where to hammer in the nails and put some rubberbands on it. Love that kids are free to do this and are capable. Also a great gift idea instead of a store bought kit.
If anyone is interested for younger children Montessori Services has a hand crank drill (not battery powered) and a smaller saw for kids to use to do real woodworking. They will be gifts for Christmas

Melissa said...

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

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