February 24, 2011


Provide the three primary colors. Let them PLAY and CREATE and see what happens!


  •  Tray, or foil with edges turned up, to catch the drips
  •  White coffee filters ( the basket type)
  •  Droppers (ours came in a pkg of two at CVS for 2.99)
  •  Small jars or mugs (paper cups will tip over)
  •  Food coloring or food coloring gel. Mix with water and 1 tsp vinegar. If you want the color deeper, add more coloring.

Set everything out for the children. 
Show then how the dropper works 

and then STAND ASIDE. They will do the rest.

Don't be afraid of a drippy mess! The tray will catch the spills and the filter will absorb the liquid. 
Let the colors merge and watch the new colors form

Making designs with the colors is fun too ! 

They are working on fine motor skills using the dropper.  And they are learning colors and what happens when they mix them.

And remember:
 The process is always more important then the product!

happy day!


W-S Wanderings said...

But the product is pretty darn cool too! Such fun creations, full of potential to be spun into further art.

Melissa said...

Love the colors and the freedom to get messy and play! Thank you for the eye candy! xo

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Such fun creating with colors :) If you have some of those large wooden pegs you can gather up the colored filters, pinching them in the center through the two legs of the peg and make butterfly wings with the wooden peg as the body :) That's what we love to do with ours *grin*.

Unknown said...

Love this idea! That burst of color is a welcome sight right now!