February 25, 2011


During a pounding deluge of rain which flooded the paddocks, and wind gusts that bent pines and blew the roof off the small chicken coop, we had to take action.

 The Polish chickens live in that small coop, a large re-purposed doghouse. We had no idea the top could come whirling off . . . think the house in the Wizard of OZ.

Four sopping wet Polish chickens, whose soaked top feathers were matted down and hung down over their eyes, were brought inside the house to dry off for the afternoon.

The Polish, because of their top feathers, shouldn't really be in the rain and allowed to get soaked because the water drips down into their eye and could cause infection. 

We put the four in a large dog crate after we dried them off . One rooster and three hens.
Sure, it was tight quarters but it was for the best and only temporary. 

You don't realize how loud a rooster's crow really is, until he is right in the next room!

The hens even laid an egg in the crate. See the bottom of the picture, a white egg?

Of course if I had new batteries in my camera I could have taken a very sweet picture of my daughter drying each chicken with a towel, one by one, in her lap. But it was just one of those days.

You can see some brighter and clearer pictures of our Polish chickens here and here and here.

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 happy day!


Mary said...

oh you have me chuckling!! I can only imagine a rooster's crow in the home. The joker side of me would like to do just that and stick around to see the reaction...

they are truly beautiful creatures, and they must have felt right a home to lay eggs in the crate.

have a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

Too funny Marcia!

Kit said...

I can just imagine the sound of those chickens in the house. Made me smile! Kit

W-S Wanderings said...

Marcia, an "interesting day" indeed! Ugh. I'm glad they survived the ordeal. Not so glad that you are now going through a rooster-in-the-next-room ordeal. But you don't have to walk far to get your eggs now. Many thanks for sharing!

Blessings and light...

Teje said...

Hello Marcia, how nice to meet you! I enjoyed so much looking around your blog! It's full of wonderful and exiting things, photos and ideas! I love horses! Thank you for a lovely moment!
Sunny wishes from Crete!