February 28, 2011


There is spring fever at the farm.
 I'm dreaming of our driveway  like this . . . 
instead of this.
 I said I would savor the season , and I have, but now I want change. It's good I live in New England. 
 I love change, and the personality of each season. Change revitalizes and energies me.

 I am dreaming of our house like this . . . 
                              instead of this.

And of front flower gardens in bloom

instead of this
                                    and this.

I am dreaming  garden dreams . . .where the raised bed garden, still fast asleep, 
                                    will soon awaken and grow . . . 
                                 snow peas
                                 bush beans . . .and more.
  The garden will become more of a potager this year, after a few minor changes; the moving of a raised bed, the addition of vertical structures, and a central artful focal point.
 I love to be IN the garden and will set up an umbrella and seating inside.

I long to see the teepee . . . 
used more by the children. . . 
and the sand area, now buried with snow . . . 
will be transformed.

I'm dreaming of the emergence of the Bee Balm (Monarda), a view from the deck. . . 
to witness the many visitors. . .
instead of this.
I am dreaming of the the woodlands , somewhat barren now,
will give rise to a myriad of ferns and underbrush.
and the area will be a haven for play.
I'm dreaming of the grassy knoll, sandwiched between the woodlands and the pond . . .
going from white to GREEN.

I'm dreaming of the the meadow that is holding still all its secrets. . .
but will soon burst forth and flourish,
where the children can play hide n seek,
 discover various wildflowers,
 search for living creatures,
and observe the gifts nature gives to us.

I can't wait for the the pond, that has been covered in ice and snow for months,

and enjoyed in new ways by the children,
to come to life again, 
and host the mallards that return and stay for a week each April. (See the Mallard in front of the bridge?). . . 
and have the daffodils bloom on its banks
and children sit on the bridge, just watching, and tossing in pebbles.

The island, a favorite place for the children,
will become their secret fantasy playspace once again.

The grassy drive, where children play and horses walk, will go from this . . . 
                              to this

The animal habitats, for chickens and ducks ,

will start bustling with  more activity. . .

as the hens will be able to free range farther than the shoveled paths, and find ways to get into the garden, even though they are not wanted in there.

The horses, although they enjoy the snow,

     perhaps dream of green and grass like me.
The paddocks will have safer footing to run and to bask in the sun.

Spring will soon be here, as well as many new projects for the coming year. From a chicken garden, full of herbs and plants that chickens love, to a square foot garden for children in which they will plant and harvest themselves, to the construction of a meandering path through the animal habitats and more, I am anxious to get started.

While I am still savoring this winter season, I envision the days where I will be outdoors more, breathing in the spring air, and witnessing the greening of the earth.

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happy day!


Mona @ Healthy Homesteading said...

I am right with you on the dreaming of spring. I am doing the same.
By the way, I love your Haflingers. They are gorgeous :)

Amanda said...

great post to remind me of the promise of spring:)

What a lovely blog you have.

Love that quote up top;)

~Amanda: visiting from homestead revival!

Beth said...

Hi, Marcia! I'm dreaming of spring and summer today too! It is so drab. But it will come and the glory and joy of it will be all the greater because of our longing for it, and because of this long, gray winter we've gone through! love, Beth

Marie said...

Oh I so loved reading and looking at this wonderful post!!! Your home is just beautiful and I adore your flower beds!!! I have spring fever too. :)

Melissa Carr said...

Your home and its surroundings are beautiful. We too, are anxious for spring! Thank you for a wonderful time of reflection.

Holly said...

What a beautiful place you have! I'm totally with you on wanting green instead of white. We've got a lot of it still, too. Holly

Unknown said...

Your homestead is BEAUTIFUL!! Snow or sunshine! But I'm with you - ready for some spring. Why is it when we're kids we want more snow than we can ever get, but then when we grow up, we get more snow than we think we need and long for warm weather? Perhaps it's an opportunity to practice contentment!

Thanks for linking up to the Barn Hop!