February 3, 2011


Modeling with beeswax is so CALMING. 
It takes patience too, as it takes time to soften the beeswax in your hand. Many worthwhile conversations can take place while creating with beeswax .

I like to offer the children beeswax while reading a story to them. It's especially helpful for the wiggly children who need to move to in order to focus. Warming the beeswax in their hand and forming shapes allows that movement they need. And it's FUN !
     Even the smallest children make the coolest things!                          

                                                      a carrot
                                                          an apple
                                                      a baby
All ages enjoy working with beeswax. Sometimes their creations have to do with the story we have read or something we have talked about.
                                           a seabird
                                            a loon
                                             a sea turtle
                                             a snail
                                       a flower
Sometimes we use beeswax to add to our wooden peg "people". . . 

And then the children play with their characters.

Perhaps you would like to try using beeswax, if you haven't already!

 happy day!

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