March 25, 2011


It is often bath time, right below our kitchen window, and it's fun to peek .
Did you know that Ducks don't need to have a pond to swim in? 
  But they must have water to drink, water to preen their feathers, and water deep enough to submerge their whole bill. They need to clear their nostrils which can clog with feathers.

We moved the duck's tub near the garden for the winter months so it can receive the sunshine and be easily filled from the faucet.

They climb in the tub and start by swirling the water with their bill.
and kick with their feet to coat their whole body with water.

They preen their feathers . . .
here and there.

They flap their wings a few times to rinse.

Then they hop out and finish the rest out of the water.

They go over every inch of their body with their bill

They spread their wings . . . 
and preen all their feathers

The duck uses its bill to rub oil all over their feathers, to waterproof themselves. . .
 It comes from a gland in the base of its tail.
It's true *ducks don't get wet*. The water beads up and slides right off them. Perhaps that's why our ducks love being in the rain.

They finish up by scratching and finding any spots they missed

 Then they flap their wings a few times and they are done.

Just beautiful!
Do you know how to tell a boy from a girl? The boy has a soft *quack*, and has a tail feather that curls up at its hind end . Can you see it?
       Our ducks are boys. . . George and Gilligan.        

happy day!  

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Melissa said...


Your blog has got to be one of the most beautiful blogs I have ever seen.

It calls to the heart. Beautiful.

Sunbonnet Cottage

Faith said...

Oh how I enjoyed watching the ducks, something I hadn't considered when I think the homestead animals of the future..they are so cute..1 per bucket only...Thank you for sharing this with all of us..and for stopping over at my place.

K said...

W00-hoo. That's the closest I've ever been to a bathing duck. It was BEautiful. The picture I liked best was the one just before spreading the wings. They really are lovely. We have wild ducks in the back yard often - or we used to before we had the dogs. Now, here I came looking for Haflingers (I saw that wondeful nose up on the header), and I found an extra measure of charm. And information.

oldgreymare said...

I'm always learning somethin' when I stop by : D


Unknown said...

Hi Marcia!
Great shots of your ducks! So fun to watch them take a bath...and they are so white!

Susan said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog...thought I'd come by and check out's beautiful! I'll be following you :)
I love this post about the ducks. One of my sisters has a few ducks and enjoys them thoroughly. (We have a small flock of chickens, but no ducks...yet!)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment!
Your love of animals shines through in your blog.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Hmmm... that is pretty interesting there. You snapped some really great shots and explained so well, what they were doing. It's almost about the same as my morning routine...HA!
You forgot to mention how they take turns or wait their turn... it looked like it one of those photos!

I didn't know how to tell the difference in male or female. Thanks for sharing that. I learned something today!

~ Pat

Anonymous said...

"from troubles of the world, I turn to ducks; beautiful, comical things" - I can't remember who write this, but I loved to be reminded of the ducks I used to breed, seeing your fantastic photos. Thankyou for sharing such wonderful images.

Linda Stubbs said...

I enjoyed this post so much. I had 12 ducks and a bobcat came through and killed them all this last winter. I just hatched one using the incubator and bought another to keep it company. I will start my little herd again.

Loved how mine took turns taking a bath in a big bucket.

Blessings, Linda
Prairie Flower Farm

Verde Farm said...

I absolutely love this post. ARen’t they just the sweetest ever? Such great shots you got too. So glad you joined Farm Friend Friday this week--I love your blog :)
Amy at Verde Farm

W-S Wanderings said...

Ahhh, the things you teach me AND my family. I LOVE that. The ducks are GORGEOUS. I want to finish *my* baths looking so darned fresh and spiffy. Lucky ducks.