March 17, 2011


It is warm and sunny, only days away from Spring's arrival, and the horses are taking full advantage of the glorious sunshine.

Legs tucked under
 and head down
Lilly is enjoying an afternoon nap.

You will rarely see both of them lying down at the same time, although it does happen here from time to time. One is usually standing, always on guard, to guarantee their safety.
Horses, albeit their large size, are prey animals and always need to be aware of any imminent danger. Although there are no mountain lions in southeastern Massachusetts, it is the way of the horse, to be alert, aware and ready to take flight at all times.

Lilly is usually the one lying down and Leah the one standing. Leah IS relaxing though, notice her hind leg bent?

How do you enjoy the sunshine?
                       happy day!
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Peggy T. said...

Beautiful blog, Marcia. Beautiful life.
Peggy (The Bird Blog)

Peggy T. said...

I'll have to try your owl cupcakes for one of my Bird days!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Lovely photos of these wonderful horses.

I thought I'd just give you my e-mail address here:

Just e -mail me any time, I'll br happy to hear from you.

Blog Starter said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment. You have such a lovely feel to yours that I just may stay a while and bask in the glow :)

In Ontario we still have much in the way of snow on the ground, you're pictures are a promise of warm days to come. Thank you for sharing :)


Unknown said...

Love it! Horses and sunshine... what else does a farmgirl need? The weather in our neck of the woods has been great hasn't it? Thanks for linking up today with Lilly and Leah...

K said...

Yes. Finally. They are wonderful, these two. And clean. I'd forgotten what clean horses looked like. Marcia, I have to tell you, in looking through all these blogs between here and the now - your home feels a lot like mine was when I was bringing up the kids. We didn't have the animals, not even the horses then. But the discovery - I used no curriculum but my own, but we did many of the same things. So I felt - at home, I guess, going through all this. Maybe even a little sad - nostalgic. And this: I wish ever child born had a home like yours - a loving home full of busy children, living with the earth, thinking, noting the million miracles that make up our every day.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

These photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing! I just got my Haflinger about a month ago and I am waiting to catch her laying down.