March 8, 2011


Show the children how to make
spring sun catchers 
to add color to their days
before the flowers bloom.

Even the smallest child is quite capable.

  • waxed paper
  • colored tissue paper
  • glue/water mixture or mod podge
  • brushes
  • newspaper
  • paper
  • scissors
  • marker
-Cover table with newspaper to protect the area.
-Lay out a large sheet of waxed paper horizontally.

-Brush glue mixture onto waxed paper. Do about a fist sized area at a time so the glue doesn't dry .

-Rip pieces of tissue paper and stick onto the glued areas of the waxed paper. It's ok to overlap colors.

-When the waxed paper is all covered with tissue paper, brush the whole thing with the glue mixture. It will dry clear. 

-Be sure to spread out any big globs of glue.
-Let dry.

-In the meantime, cut out spring shapes from paper. Some ideas: butterfly, flowers, bird. 

You can draw the outline of the shapes, freehand, or here's a hint : Find a picture or clip art on google images and hold computer paper up to the monitor and lightly trace with a felt marker.

-Lay your shape on the dry colorful waxed paper
-Trace it
-Cut it out
-Put it in your window to enJOY

A birdie pair

You can string some together to make a mobile too.
Be sure to use all the leftover scraps. You can cut free form flowers or geometric shapes or anything else you can think of.

Spring IS on its way! 
happy day!


Jessica said...

We are going to make these...maybe in autumn leaf sty;e for our seasons down here.Thankyou for the idea Marcia.

ShanaNana said...

LOVE!! Thanks for the great post and idea :)

Anonymous said...

Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

Joy said...

I'd like to try this and make 3 panels for the glass in my front door! Thanks for the idea!