March 3, 2011


She has a very small room, a cozy nest, which makes it a challenge to keep it orderly and efficient. Every square inch counts, and we are looking under as well as above for more storage options.

We decided to raise her bed higher to allow for more storage underneath, for those things she needs to have nearby, but not necessarily right out in the open. 

 Since we always try to use what we have we saw some beams, leftover from our house building, that would be just the thing.

We cut them to our desired height and drilled holes in the top. . . 
big enough to fit the leg of the bed frame . . . 
and deep enough so it would be held in there securely.

We wanted to be able to move the bed easily, without scratching the wooden floor, so we cut  some felt that we already had . . . 
 and glued it on to the bottom.

Now the bed can slide when you give it a strong push.

We have a few options for the opening: a dust ruffle that covers all of it or some of it, OR leave it open and paint the legs funky colors to go with her funky room OR leave it a bare wood.

 We'll just have to wait and see what she wants. In any case, the underneath will have square baskets, the height of the opening, for her to easily pull out her treasures, and it will look neat too.

We'll take a picture when we have it all together :)

happy day!

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oldgreymare said...

lol you could have had 2 ideas for PG!