March 12, 2011


  I knew they were arriving, I ordered them, but the experience of opening the package flooded my body with warmth and joy

I felt like I had connected with a friend, touching a part of her; for the whole bundle was tied with a glorious ribbon and a handmade tag. And there were little extras included in the package. It was full of personality. It was full of her.

Each bear was individually wrapped so carefully, and I felt like a child at Christmas time opening each one ever so slowly, with anticipation and delight.
Aren't they adorable? They will have to have names now;my three bears, from a friend who makes and packages her handmade treasures with personality and much love.
Thank you Suzan. You are a treasure.

Check out her shop A Mare Of A Different Color

                   happy happy day!


oldgreymare said...

The pleasure is ALL mine sweetie. My heart is warm with your kind words and friendship.

Hey, how about a name contest? Let's see now....

Hope Love and Grace?
Larry Mo Curly?
Graham, Charlotte Matilda?

oh dear, gone off again haven't I ? lol

Enjoy this glorious weekend


Melissa said...

I was just stopping by for some inspiration and noticed the horse smile on the side bar....made me laugh out loud! I don't know if that is new or if I have just never noticed it before. Super cute! xo

valarie said...

Those bears, your three bears are too cute. Enjoy them.