March 15, 2011


Does a child really know what is happening under the soil?. We talk about plant growth and roots, but can they picture it correctly in their minds?
Try this inexpensive way to share the knowledge. Plant a seed under glass and watch what happens! It's fun!

~ glass jar, wide mouth works best
~ dark paper (dark cardstock or construction paper with cardstock backing
~ scissors
~ seeds, this was a Lima bean, nice and big
~ paper towels
~ bowl of water 

Cut the paper so it's the same size as the sides of the jar.
Roll the paper and insert in jar

Move the paper a bit to allow the child to drop the seed into the jar, between the glass and the paper

 Let the child put a few paper towels into a bowl of water, squeeze gently and fill up the center section of the jar, all the way to the top. 
It's good to allow an inch of water to stay on the bottom. Keep paper towels moist and change if necessary.

Watch what happens!
                                after 7 days

12 days

How about if you start your own seeds under glass? And in the meantime we'll keep you updated with our pictures of growth!

  happy day!  happy growing!


Kit said...

I love watching seeds sprout! What a wonderful miracle indeed. Kit

Beth said...

This is a wonderful idea, Marcia! love, Beth

Unknown said...

Thank you for visiting my blog from the barn hop! This is a very inspirational idea you got! I'll have to try it! In fact we are now having a race between beans and corn to see who was tallest first and who got bigger later! Will have to try this and look forward to your updated photos! Thanks for sharing, love the inspirations!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I've been following your blog here since early Feb., when I discovered the blogging world.
I check in most days, and feel uplifted by what I read and see. Thank you for your lovely blog, it makes a difference in my life.

I used to do the same activity with seeds in a glass in my childhood at school, (about 45 years ago), and hadn't thought of doing this,in quite this way with my children where I work in daycare. So we'll try it. Thanks!

marcia said...

Brenda, Thank you so much for your kind words. It touched my heart.

I wanted to email you about something but couldn't find your email address.
Feel free to email me at

happy day!