October 30, 2010


We have never had a farm sign at the end of our long driveway. I think it's because I value my privacy and didn't want to have to entertain the curious who happen down the drive.

But all of a sudden, I want one. Perhaps it is partly because I am passionate and proud of the business I have created here. "Oh, so that is where Harmony Woods Farm is ! , people might say as they pass. Some of our neighbors don't even know we exist.

But the sign will have to be casual and unassuming and homemade on wood like this.

We have a homemade sign in our kitchen on top of the wall of windows on the same type of wood.
The farm sign will have a more 0f a block type font though. Perhaps I should get started so I
can show you the results.

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                     happy day!


alice said...

Well your first sign is a good one! The second will be even better I am sure.
Smiles, alice

Anonymous said...

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