October 27, 2010


I have learned quite a bit from the children. 

Did you know you can make cool whistling *music* with an acorn cap? 
You hold it like this . . .
and blow ! It's really COOL!

And did you know you can very easily start fire with the sun, a magnifying glass and dried leaves? I never thought it was so easy.

Did you know the best and long lasting campfires start with a bed of kindling,hay,and logs set in teepee fashion in the stonework they built themselves ?

Did you know Children experience immense joy in having the TIME. . . 

                to throw rocks into the water. . . 

to observe the pond

 to climb trees

and to explore all parts of the land?

Did you know children have a very special connection, showing love and reverence for every being they touch, no matter how big or how small?

It is so very precious to be with them

We learn from every experience we have, all of us.
But the children have enriched my world beyond measure.

What have you learned from a child lately ?

happy day!


Sharon Lovejoy said...

Honestly, this post touched me from my heart to my toes. Thank you, thank you my friend. Between this one and Acorn Pies well, I've had quite a night here on the road.

Sending love,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Phyllis said...

Beautiful post. Being with children is amazing, isn't it?

marcia said...

Thank you Sharon! The children actually do touch my heart. To be in their company, in my earth school, cannot even be considered work. It is GLORIOUS!

happy day...and I will send you an email to *catch up"!

marcia said...

YES! utterly AMAZING, Phyllis !

happy day!

marcia said...

Oh Sharon..forgot to add. I LOVE Beth...she's such an inspiration to me.

Beth is at

Go'll be glad you did!

happy day!