October 25, 2010


Have you, or your child, ever felt shy and a bit uncomfortable in a new situation with new people?  It might not even be a new situation, but that feeling of not knowing what to say or do amidst the long silences.  

I like to put things out or have ongoing projects available... to occupy the hands and mind . . .to take the pressure off of people feeling the need to talk.  It's works for both adults and children.

It can as simple as blocks or puzzles, or a bowl of acorns or marbles, or beeswax or slime, and more!

 And while doing, there will usually be some kind of chatter. It may be something as simple as "please pass the red piece" but it is a start. . .  to fill the silence and lift the burden of making conversation.

And sometimes we invite a few kids over for a special project or seasonal craft. . . like carving pumpkins! 

Noone *has to* say anything, but in the course of the task, conversation does start and people start feeling more comfortable.

Spending time, with no pressure or expectation, allows for conversation. . . and friendship... to flourish.

    happy day!


Bending Birches said...

great ideas! and i love your photographs!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Those jack-o-lanterns are fabulous! We can't even get pumpkins here. :/ Hope you are having a great day. :) Tammy