October 13, 2010


 Fred, the Tarancula, came to visit. It was very interesting to watch him throughout the day. 

We drew him in our Nature Journal . . . 

. . . and decided to make our very own spiders using air-dry clay for the body and wire for the legs.

I did the cutting of the wire myself and bent one end ahead of time for safety. The children inserted the eight legs into the clay and positioned them the way they wanted and let them dry.

A week later they painted their spiders.

The  Gallery of SPIDERS

Each spider is anatomically correct, in having two main body parts and eight legs, yet they are all unique.

(This post is part of the November *Hands on Homeschool* Blog Carnival here.)

 happy day!


Unknown said...

What a cool project for nature study!
Great gallery of spiders from your young artists! Looks as if everyone was having fun...


Unknown said...

OOHHH MY! I don't think I could have been so brave to have it in my house, even in a cage. I'm so glad I can live vicariously through your homeschooling blog. What a great entry for the hands on carnival. Thank you, thank you!!!