October 23, 2010


We love to use natural materials in many of our projects, and this time we decided on the fiber from our French Angora rabbits. 

 (Thank you for the fiber, Poof !)

It's dreamy and soft. . .  and a little bit *ghostly*, don't you think?

We took some of the angora, rolled and shaped it into *ghost form*, and tried our hands at needle felting, to make the fibers take form and stick together. Needle felting ( vs wet felting) allowed it to be wispy and still flow, like a ghost.

Once in desired shape, we glued on some eyes that we cut from black felt.

We made a loop to hang the ghosts with fishing line (because it's clear) and arranged them on a large branch we found in the woodlands. 

We leaned the branch against the wall and stretched some polyester batting for a "spooky" feel.

If you want to see some absolutely glorious needle felted art, go here to Marie's inspiring blog, Softearth's World. It will take your breath away.

    happy day!


nocton4 said...

lovely xx

Amanda Pedro said...

great idea. I may get the kids to try this.

Fairie Mom said...

Those are FANTASTIC!

marcia said...

compression clothes, an interesting comment. Perhaps the wording is lost in translation a bit?

of course I am crazy...crazy in love with life :)
And playing games with people? I am hoping that is meant literally...board games, card games nature games, etc

happy day!