October 30, 2010


My daughter made some adorable Owl Cupcakes for her party.

To make:
- Make the cupcakes and frost them. 
-Open up an Oreo cookie for the eyes and stick them on the frosting.
-Add an M&M for the center of the eye ( you might need to use some frosting to make it stay)
~Add an M&M for the nose.
-Tip the cucakes on their side and enJOY your OWLS !  Yumm!

( Some owl cupcakes use Reese's pieces, but in light of peanut allergies, we opted for M&M's. I'm sure many other candies can be used as well)

happy day!

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Phyllis said...

They turned out really well! We made them this summer and the boys went wild with them!