October 3, 2010


We are conscious about using what we have and using things in new ways, and we try to think of ways to make something look better to suit us, instead of running to the store or tossing things out. We evaluate all options first

This is how our drab and scratched chair started its makeover. We liked its lines and it was solid and sturdy, certainly not a candidate for the trash. It just needed some zing and zest to go with our funky, colorful house.
 We just used tissue paper... in reds, yellows and oranges, Modpodge , a paintbrush , and 
an open mind to just go with the flow  :)   A great project to do while watching TV and feeling  creative.

It's not completed yet. . .  but here's a peek!

 This post is for October's Project Genesis, hosted by Suzan, over at oldgreymare, 
how we all can do our part to impact the world, no matter how small the act.
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                                      happy day!


Ella said...

Love it! I love making do with what we have and make it new~ How fun and vibrant this is and you gave it another life~ Great idea!

oldgreymare said...

Thank you glad you made it over to PG!

Growing up we used to do the leftover tissue paper thing on old bottles and then used those multicolored drip candles. Remember them?



Unknown said...

This is a project after my own heart... Love the bright fall colors...and use of tissue paper as your " Paint"...!

Look forward to seeing it in it's new life!