HARMONY has got to be my favorite word. Some of you are probably chuckling,  "you think?"  The word, Harmony, is right up there with other inspiring words of mine Plentitude, Abundance, and Nurture.

I feel that living IN HARMONY is the most important action we can take in our whole lives, with ourselves and with our children. It encompasses all facets of our lives.

Harmony with the earth , having reverence for nature and doing our part to care and connect with the glorious gifts the natural world provides us. Nature is soothing and healing , a lifelong solace, if we just make that connection.

Harmony with each other, living and learning in the world and being a part of a community of people, embracing differences (and sameness) and seeking to unite us all , searching for the good in each person because there is goodness to be found.

Harmony within ourselves, loving ourselves and embracing who we are as we journey forth in this life with its challenges to overcome.. We are unique individuals on this path of life, and first and foremost, we have to like who we are and make a point to nurture ourselves. When we take care of ourselves, we are refreshed and have more energy and passion to further nourish our life and others.

Is there constant harmony in our lives? Of course not.
We all face struggles from all facets of our lives.
 But if we *believe* in harmony and *choose* to live that way, we are always striving to reach that goal, that balance.

 I question myself and my life and choices, time and time again, especially if life is not going smoothly and ask myself, "What small step can I take to make our lives more joyful, to be more in harmony?" 
I encourage my children to do the same.Small steps, baby steps are a beginning and they make a difference.

Wishing you harmony in all of your days,