April 30, 2010


 We went exploring to collect some nature with the little lady who came to visit for the day, 

We had plans to make something for May Day, the first of May, which is tomorrow. 

There are many festivities for May Day and we decided upon a British custom of Well Dressing. 
 Well dressing is an ancient custom and is the art of decorating (dressing) wells, springs or other water sources with pictures made of things from nature.

It was to celebrate the gift of water and it's importance in life.
Inspiration came from Cheryl at Time to Craft

We made salt dough, rolled it out onto cardboard and added our decorations from nature and let it dry.


Check out some pretty Well Dressings here

This is DAY 24 and the last day of April..and the Great Outdoor Challenge...(I think).
We are always outside anyway and have a passion for the nature world, but it was fun to actually document the things we did do each day during the month and to VISIT the others who play the challenge.

{this moment}

 Following SouleMama's inspiration :
"A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember."

April 29, 2010


My children tend to connect more with others who are respectful, kind and who share many of the same interests such as:

Nature:  being outdoors whether sitting outside talking, exploring by the pond or woodlands, or playing basketball in the driveway.

Animals: watching ,caring, interacting or caring for their own or others' .It's just a regular part of their lives.

the ARTS: appreciation and interest in all the arts but each one clearly passionate about one: dancing, singing, and creating with art medium.

DAY 23 in the Great Outdoor Challenge.
VISIT the others who play!


My girl learned to make boxes, magic boxes, and now our house is getting filled to the brim with BOXES. Luckily, they are small and they are cute and they can be embellished as far as an imagination can stretch.

And the more she makes them, the better they became..practice does make perfect, especially if you like what you are doing.

I see she's at it again.

Check out a tutorial HERE.

Perhaps you would like to try some magic too...magic boxes!

This is one way she expanded her world this week.

As for me? I  learned Mosses are classified as a Bryophyta.

What can YOU share that you learned this week?

April 28, 2010


 Sometimes it's on the spur of the moment that we partake in Nature.
We drove by a small park today and stopped. It is a park we have frequented in the past, and even though it started sprinkling rain and was getting much colder, they both jumped out of the car.

 It is a small hidden treasure and a fun place to explore, with stonewalls , rushing water and bridges to cross ,
and paths to follow
                                                               places to hide in,
wishes to make,
and trees to climb
that is,until she read the sign:. Please stay off stone walls and trees :)

The area was alive with a myriad of greens. . and blossoms here and there. 

"We have to come here again and let's invite more friends to come too. It's a great place to play capture the flag and just hang out and have fun! ", they both said.

DAY 22 in the Great Outdoor Challenge. VISIT the others who play!


               ~ peaceful ~

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April 27, 2010


"Naturalists are very observant, they take their time in nature, they take in every detail and notice the changes all around them", I reminded the children.

It became a game "WHAT DO YOU SEE?", that I repeated every 20 feet or so. It got them to look and really take notice.

I see a mushroom

I see more green. . .it's algae.

I see fungus.

I see new leaves, soft and silky.

I see the tulip closing up because it's a cool, cloudy day.

I can hardly see the bird's nest now,
but this other one is still visible. 
I see tiny purplish flowers in the grass.

I see how different the dandelion looks after a rain.

These were only a few of our discoveries at Harmony Woods Earth School today.

And the children always find time to go play with the angora rabbits

and end their day with a game

This is Day 21 in the Great Outdoor Challenge. VISIT the others who play!