June 16, 2010


 I can picture it, so vividly, in my mind, the meandering path through dappled shade and shade gardens en route to my creative abode in the woodlands. The woodstove will be lit when temperatures dip, music will be playing to suit my mood, and everywhere I look will be color and inspiration to create, as well as objects and photos that I treasure.
 You see, I do have the right space but it is more the time, money and a bit of know how that I need, and oh, one more thing, conquering that fear of power tools. But building is sort of quilting with wood, right?, so I know I can do it, it is just having the confidence that yes I can.

 I could order a shed type structure and have a large truck back it into the woodlands as far as it could go, but I have always liked making my own things. Sometimes that can be a fault though, as I will wait years to get what I want or to make it myself when I probably *could* be content settling for something else at the present time.  

 But would I really be content? Would I really be happy settling for something else? I don't know. It depends. I find such satisfaction in creating something myself, no matter what it is.  It becomes a deep connection to my heart and my soul. 

 It is a dream, yet one easily attainable in the very near future to have a  creative space nestled in the woodlands amongst the Beeches, Pines, Oaks and Sassafras .

Now, and through the summer months, I will be using a new and different kind of creative space. It will be a small creative nook in the open air.  It will be a step toward my dream as it will be at the edge of the woodlands, yet undercover. 

 It will be in an environment that will allow inspiration. The various greens of the earth will be in full view as will some wildlife, from rabbits to chipmunks to deer. Birdsong will fill the air, as well as the soft nickers of my Haflingers and perhaps the sound of them munching their hay. Soft music could be playing if I so desire.

 You see, my open air creative nook for the summer months is at the very end of our horse barn, looking out to the woodlands. And it will be used for certain creative endeavors, like writing, drawing, watercolors, small mixed media pieces, and designing and planning.

 It will also give me time to just *be* with my horses, to just be in their company. They hang out alot IN the barn during the summer days anyway, to avoid the sun and the flies, and always if I am in there . 

Come along and I will give you a tour. . . on Friday that is,  in preparation for the PARTY.


 Karen Valentine's 2nd annual PARTY: Where Bloggers Create on her blog at My Desert Cottage . You can see who will be partying now, the "Party Guests" on the right hand column on her blog, and will be able to view all the creative spaces starting Saturday June 19th.
It will be inspiring to check out where bloggers create !

 Everybody needs their own spot. Do YOU have an area to call your own, where you can be inspired and let your creativity flow ? It can be a anything and anywhere, that allows YOU to create. Big or small, simple or elaborate, from a part of your kitchen table to a whole room and anything in between.

I would love to hear where YOU create.


Unknown said...

Your open air studio sounds enchanting! I look forward to seeing it soon...

As for my creative space... It too shall be revealed on Friday at Karen's party...see you then!


Paisley said...

I felt compelled to comment about where I do the majority of my creating- I am too embarrassed to upload a photo- my dining room table! We haven't eaten at it for around 4 months now!

marcia said...

I saw the most beautiful toys you make! Hey, whatever works , or what has to be for now, right?

There have been times our long table become an *art table* for weeks, with projects in various stages between me and my older and younger daughters. And one day someone else said "let's have a family dinner" (meaning inviting my oldest daughter and her family too) and we all said "Noooo! we aren't finished with our art." We didn't want to clear the table! So they came and we had pizza and ate in the other room and on the island instead.

happy day!

Beth said...

You can do it, Marcia!!! You can build your little studio house in the trees! I did a posting about my wonderful studio recently here....

Come see the colorful mess! love, Beth

Play for Life said...

Marcia you are such a lovely writer! Through you words I can see it ... so I want to really see it when your dream is fulfilled.
Donna :) :)