June 6, 2010


Has something in nature ever touched your heart so much that you can't even describe the feeling with words?

 I am enamored with these little creatures, birds, and I find myself having new and endearing experiences about them that have enriched my world.
Is it because I am so taken with them that it leaves my being wide open for all these new experiences?  Is it because I am in nature day in and day out that I have become so in tune with the natural world, and hence, notice every little thing ?  Is there a higher being that points to me and says, it's her, she understands, she's the one?

I am so taken with these industrious little creatures who build their intricate, artistic nests using what they have on hand, who fill our world with their song, and have freedom to fly the skies .

This past week I have noticed a sound coming from the grove of pines not far from our deck and often think , there must be a bird's nest in there, but once I look I find nothing. The last two days I have noticed a catbird flying lower to the ground and into the grove of pines.

Tonight, with the sun going down and no bright light as a glare, I peeked in again and sure enough, a NEST! The catbird waited high up in a nearby Sassafrass tree during my observations.

At first glance, I could see the nest was made of twigs, Beech leaves, white duck feathers, grapevines, a thin string unraveled from an old blue tarp, and a piece of yellow baling twineThank goodness for digital cameras, which allow me to stand on tip toes with camera held high and lens pointing down to get a glimpse of what else the nest is made of and perhaps of any occupants in the nest.

This is what I saw, each picture giving me more information, and melting my heart.

I also noticed a piece of a tan plastic grocery bag in the left corner ...also lots of wings!

Here is a picture using the flash.
How many birdies can you find? 
Aren't they absolutely precious?

 I have had so many cool bird experiences I haven't even written about yet.  Perhaps I will include one bird tale each week lest this be considered just a bird blog  :)


TwigandToadstool said...

What beautiful pictures...I know how you feel...I spend my evenings outside watching the bluebirds on our fence posts! I am mesmerized by these birds. If more people allowed themselves to be smitten by nature, I'm sure our planet would be in tip top shape!
Love those baby bird pics!

Cheryl said...

I've always tried to make time each day just to "stop and smell the flowers". It really is worth taking the time. Now a days, I find my three little ones sitting beside me, joining in this nature time.

What fun to find the nest.

Unknown said...

so cute. can't believe how many are in one nest! xo m.

Valarie said...

These are such sweet little birds. So inspiring. I love to watch nature too. Such a great discovery. Take care.

twolittleseeds said...

Thanks for popping over to my blog. I absolutely love this picture of the babies! xxx