June 29, 2010


Look in your own yard or go for a walk and see what different shapes and sizes of leaves you have. Make them into art to hang in your window. It's not just the autumn colored leaves that can inspire a person.

 There is something so soothing and alive using green leaves. It's like a burst of spring, that feeling I get in the early spring when leaves unfold and buds open and the grass gets greener. Looking at the green leaf art brings those feelings to mind.
All you need is leaves,clear contact paper (or clear laminate or clear peel and stick paper), a hole punch, and yarn or string.

~ Cut two pieces of contact paper about the same size. If one is bigger than the other, use the smaller one first.
~Put the contact paper sticky side up on table, secure top and bottom with tape to table.
~ Add leaves, putting largest ones down first and filling in with smaller leaves. Don't overlook grasses or flower petals!
~Cover with second piece of contact paper, starting at the top and unrolling it ever so gently as you flatten it out with your hand. I start it at the top and the children roll it down as I flatten it.
~Punch two holes in the top, about 1/3 in from the sides.( see alternative method below)
~Tie yarn or string and hang on window or door.

Alternative method: Add a thin branch to very top, incorporating it in with the leaves, covering it with the contact paper.  Allow branch to overhang sides. Tie yarn to branch and hang.

These bursts of spring were made by the children in my Earth School today.

And aren't they just beautiful ?


Phyllis said...

Yes, they are beautiful. How long will they stay like that?

TwigandToadstool said...

how lovely...I was having the same sort of thought recently...and was going to use some pressed flowers with the leaves!
:) maureen

denise said...

Oh so pretty! I have a whole press full of dried flowers - I think we might make some of these with fresh & pressed! :)

Unknown said...

Yes, they are! Especially hanging in your sunfilled great room windows! I love it!
Dandelion Wishes,

oldgreymare said...

I made dozens of these as a kid, only we used waxed paper. It looks very cool if you wrinkle the waxed paper first. I used to pretend it was stained glass.

Hadn't thought of those in many MANY years. thanks!


marcia said...

Phyllis, they stay green for quite awhile and then of course turn brownish but still look great!

Suzan, I used to use waxed paper too as a kid. I'd like to try it again and crinkle it like you say.

happy day!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

They are beautiful! What a great idea for a summer project for my kids.

Valarie said...

These are just gorgeous. We are going to have to try these. What a great way to decorate with nature. Thanks so much for sharing this. It's wonderful.