June 9, 2010


I love to create and touch things, so it's only natural that I love to provide the means for others also invite to create.  I find if you put it out, it gets used, or at least touched.

 I have always wanted a wall of geoboards and was inspired by my friend, Rue, who has one. She also a magnetic word wall.

We decided on the perfect spot, a narrow wall between our great room and kitchen, and found the black, wooden, 9x9 geoboards online. When I wanted more they were on clearance and 
I was very happy about the price reduction.

 There are 144 wooden pegs in each 9x9 geoboard. The blunt ends are especially good for younger children and those who might bump into the wall or lean against it while walking past.

The fifteen geoboards were placed three across and five down to fit the narrow wall we chose. They were glued together onto a piece of  3/4" plywood that was painted black to match the geoboards. We used a heavy duty construction adhesive  

We made the plywood three inches longer on the top and bottom so we could screw the whole board into the wall. I didn't want to glue it because I wanted to be able to take it down if I wanted to, but so far we haven't wanted to. I just stuck some black electrical tape over the screw holes so they wouldn't be noticable, until I thought of something better.

A basket of rubber bands is always accessible.

Most every person, from toddler to adult, uses the geoboard, people that live here and people who visit. It's one of the best things we have done!

The littliest ones are also quite proud of what they can do . . . 

and often find other ways to use the rubber bands  :)


Lise said...

Oh, I love this!

I've been thinking about doing a series of "invitations"--those things we set out in plain view to invite play. This is a great one!

Sam said...

Such a great idea. My eldest son saw it, and demanded one too :-)

marcia said...

We love our wall. And it's so cool to see what each person make. We have had anything from intricate designs to simple lines to messages, and even rock band names.
It's all creativity!

happy day!

Little Holts said...

Just found your blog, and I love your ideas. Where did you find the geoboards? I have looked all over for ones with wooden pegs like that, and I can't seem to find any.


marcia said...

It was from Heartsong last year and was on sale and then on clearance so I got a terrific deal.
The only ones I can find now.. with wooden pegs was here at
and search geoboard

. But...if you are really ambitious you could make your own with wood, sander, drill and pegs :)

happy day!