June 9, 2010


 We did some moving things around before the grad party we had over the weekend and she was asking where the paints were now. I remembered about an hour ago she said "I feel like making something."

 It wasn't long before she walked past with a long board, some newspapers, brushes and paints and when I walked through the room I did a double take to see all her supplies spread out on the wood floor as she painted, chatted with family and watched a movie. It is so great we have a kid-friendly, creative-friendly house. But that's how we live so I guess of course it would be that way.
 It is just another *creative spark* that I always mention. .. probably because it always happens here ...and it is so awesome.  And it's the whole process that is of the greatest importance not necessarily the product. She learned what she would have done differently the next time.

  I feel it is so important for all children to have a myriad of supplies, the time to choose, experiment and create exactly what they want, and the support from others that their choices, as well as their art, hence themselves, are valued.


Beth said...

I love to see children directing their own creativity like your daughter was doing. I helps to have the supplies handy as you do. Summer vacation has started for my son and I just took him for a spree at the art store! I hope we will sit down regularly to make things. love, Beth

Valarie said...

What a wonderful shared moment of creativity along with a family celebration.. I love what she created. We have an entire craft kitchen down in the basement loaded with supplies.

Cheryl said...

Her creation is lovely. Her smile is beautiful. I can tell she enjoyed the journey. Isn't creativity priceless!