June 1, 2010


Did you ever just happen upon a snake and get filled to the brim with excitement ?

 I was especially excited because it was the day of my Earth School and I knew eight children would be extremely thrilled with my find.

 This is when whatever plans we already made for the day are put aside to allow the snake to be the main attraction for as long as the children want. It's great to have a guide and planned activities but equally important to be flexible for whatever life throws your way. Oftentimes the unexpected can be much more meaningful.
I carried the snake (Garter or Garden snake) to the house in a bucket, put it into an empty aquarium, and waited for the children. They were, of course, delighted and most of them had no fear and immediately wanted to hold it. Others were quiet observers.
Notice its tongue!  What shape is it? Why does he stick it out?
                                                               Notice how it moves!
                                                 How do you hold the snake, and why?

                                           Describe its eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth.
                                                               Notice its markings
                                               Notice what position it takes while resting .

The Garter Snake
A chipmunk, or a sudden-whirring quail,
Is startled by my step as on I fare.
A gartersnake across the dusty trail,
Glances and -- is not there.

                    We discussed the snake's life cycle, habitat, and prey and predators and when we had our fill, returned the snake to its home behind the barn. It was a large opening into a mound of old hay and shavings.
The red X is the small snake's hole within the larger opening.

                               This is our post for our Outdoor Challenge Monday ...posted a day late :)
                                Do YOU play too?


Cheryll said...

What a wonderful, positive experience for the children. Some activities you just can't plan.

TwigandToadstool said...

You are one brave sounds truly marvelous! I think I need to marvel more at these wonderous help me overcome my own personal "phobia"!

lraiwwwwvvalariebudayr.coo said...

What a great find and such a great moment to share with the kids. Such an incredible moment with kids and nature.